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Amidst the busy street of Maradana there was a plot of land which belonged to one Mr. stork; a foreigner. It had been planned to construct a sports ground for Ananda college then. But in the passage of time; this land became the “stork waththa junior school”. The pioneer and founder who lead this school to the path of success was the first principal Mr. M. P. Dharmarathne, an imminent administrator who initiated the opening of this school on January 2nd, 1973. While facing many obstacles and challenges in a courageous way, he was able to establish the school with 260 students and 9 teachers a primary school.
In the year of 1977, the school was renamed as “Asoka Kanishta Vidyalaya”. 1986 was a milestone in the short history of the school, as it was able to establish advanced level classes including science, commerce and art streams. The first batch of students who sat the A/L examination; succeeded in their attempts considerably. With the funds and donations received by the government and well wishes; Mr. Dharmarathne was able to build up the gymnasium, library, science laboratory and some school buildings which helped to create an image of prestigiousness and prosperity to the school.
Mr T. W.W. Perera was an acting principal in this school who assumed his duties after the retirement of Mr. M.P. Dharmarathne the second successful leader was Mr. D.M. Gunadasa who assumed his duties as the principal of Asoka Vidyalaya in October 25th, 1995. He managed the limited space of this congested area exceedingly well and efficiently where resource scarce and less. During his tenure; he was able to serve Asoka Vidyalaya with an iron determination which eventually brought the popularity to the school in the Western Province.
During his vigorous leadership, Asokians were able to acquire a playground through the honourable chief minister of Western province Me. Prasanna Ranathunga and honourable mayor of Kaduwela Mr. G.H. Buddhadasa; which was the much leader requirement for the students.
After overcoming his huge obstacle; the principal then determined to construct an indoor cricket net in the playground with the fullest co-operation of the SDS and Old boys’ association. After completing this mega project; students became well equipped with necessary and standard facilities to practice skills in cricket day and night; using this indoor net
Improving the physical resources in the school is another major project handled to uplift the standard condition required for proper sanitary facilities; and personality development of our students.
The untiring effort taken by the present principal through guidance towards unity, harmony and strength in the hearts of the teachers, parents, and old boys, in order to achieve a prosperous future for Asokians, are commendable.