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In the times of 1971 the Secretary to the Ministry of Education Mr. Premadasa Udugama at that time has taken a bold step to build up three new Primary schools in the district of Colombo. His intention was put forward and Mahnama, Sirimav & Asoka has been put forward in line with a broader perspective. Though both sirimav and mahanama were granted two lands with buildings, we receive only a bare land at Maradana, Colombo 10.


Maradana was yet another one of the busiest towns on those days and the land we got belonged to a foreigner called Stock and used for collection of garbage in the surround area. Not only that the area was occupied with all type of bad people. It was not at all easy at that stage to commence a school in the given land with all these factors. Mr. V. Weerakoon, the Education Director at that stage, was searching for a person who has such daring to take that responsibility. Finally he found a person whom he think fit enough to meet this challenge. He is named as Mr. M.P. Dharmaratne. By that time he worked as an education officer in Awissawella educational division.


Upon the request of Mr. Weerakoon to start a primary school, Mr. Dharmaratne has willfully accepted the offer without any hesitation. This had been the first bold step he took to initiate the development of the school without having considered the surround environment and neighboring people. Nevertheless construction of Asoka Vidyalaya has begun. 


It wasn’t that much easy since the land was full with garbage and thefts. But the constant ambition and the commitment of Mr. Dharmaratne and with the time left he received a handful support from all the civilians who stayed nearby. The kovil which was situated next to the school was also attached to the school premises irrespective of the death threats received by Mr. Dharmaratne. Five months left since the construction were begun and the finally a building was constructed with 8 rooms. The next issue was to find few students to the school. Finally there were 260 students to start the school.


The beginning of January 3rd in 1973 was a blessed day to all in the school. Stockwatta Primary School has commenced its first day in the school history with the motto of Asaw, Daraw & Hasire. School commenced with 9 teachers with 260 students. They were the first members of the school. The school wasn’t restrict to 5 hours. Teachers, parents and students all got to gather and started developing the school through out all free time. School was nominated as a grade one in primary education in year 1974. It changed its name to Asoka Primary Vidyalaya in year 1977. Few years later it started its higher education classes as well in 1980. Before that all students who completed their up to education grade 5 were sent it to the neighboring Ananda Vidyalaya.


School started building its education as well as in sports and other extra curriculum activities. The time passed gradually. The founder of Asoka Vidyalaya the principal Mr. Dharmaratne has declared his retirement after 23 years of immense and valuable service. That was a sad day to all past asokians including all the teachers and parents.


The next prinicipal Mr. D.M. Gunadasa assumed his duty to fill the vacant position of the school in 24th Day of October 1995. He carried forward the principles and aspiration of Mr. Dharmaratne whilst serving the mother Asoka to date.


After his retirement in 2009 Mr. Prasanna Upashantha the present principal of Asoka vidyalaya assumed his duties fulfill the expectations of thousands of pupils with strong determination vigor and zest...



Mr.M.P.Darmarathne (Founder)


Bvt. Col. Prasanna Upashantha

Bvt. Col. U. M. Prasanna Upashantha